5 Shopify apps to increase conversions

So you’ve opened your new Shopify store, but the sales are not rolling in as fast as you expected. We’ve listed a few really simple apps that can help power up your conversion opportunities.

Product reviews

Nowadays with so many of us shopping online, we tend to lean towards the reputation of a product/company whilst making a decision to buy. Third party reviews have become a key part of building reputations for your customers to see. Fortunately Shopify has its own free app, Product Reviews, that allows you to ask your customers for reviews on the products they’ve bought and show these on your store. This give a feeling of honesty and trust, especially if these reviews are mainly positive swaying the customer towards buying something from you. Remember though, sometimes it’s worth leaving the bad reviews up too so that customers can see that you are not censoring them.


Campaignified allows you to sync your customers’ Shopify data with a Campaign Monitor email subscriber list. This enables you to target highly personalised email campaigns specifically to high spending customers, first time buyers and returning customers.


Live chat has become just as important as product reviews to help increase conversion rates. They aid in reducing confusion and/or frustration when a customer is shopping and can not find the answers they are looking for. Zendesk is a powerful live chat app that allows data from Shopify to be easily synced within tickets, created by customers. The data on what the customer has ordered, their billing details and shipping details can all be passed into Zendesk, making your job easier to resolve the customer’s problem.

Back in stock

If a customer visits your store looking for a specific product and finds it’s currently out of stock they are likely to simply leave your store. This also lowers the chance of them coming back for that specific product or any other product in the future. With the Back In Stock app you can prompt the customer to input their email address if they’d like to be notified when that specific product is back in stock. This is convenient for both you and them, as once the product has an inventory higher than 0, Back In Stock will automatically send out a personalised email alerting the customer of the product’s availability.

Lucky Orange

Last but no least, Lucky Orange is more for your benefit than a customers’ benefit. Lucky Orange allows you to see data about your customer’s interactions on the site. This can aid in working out which areas of the site are specific pain points for customers and give you an idea of where your time and effort should be focused to improve those pain points.