Building a great mobile experience

Over the last few years, online sales from a mobile phone have increased exponentially alongside the growing availability and convenience of smartphones. At the end of 2016 we saw an increase in sales made by a smartphone of 47% and today mobile traffic alone accounts for 36% of UK e-retail sales. These sales combined with sales made from a tablet have overtaken desktop sales and are expected to keep rising. Mobiles allow for portability and convenience but their small screens and data limits can become a barrier between them and your store.

Mobile is undoubtedly our fastest growing sales channel. In 2015, convenience remained the number one priority for customers and mobile gives them the opportunity to shop whenever and wherever they wish.

Mark Felix, Director, Online Trade at John Lewis

So what can you do to improve your store on mobile?

  • Increase loading speed – Whilst out and about customers using their phones can encounter spotty WiFi or data limits. If you have a large amount of images or data to load in, this can slow your loading speed down and keep the user waiting. Look into ways to of optimizing your images for a quicker load time. Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a good place to start to evaluate what may need optimizing on your site.
  • Enable quick and mobile friendly payment methods – Companies have seen a large percentage of their online sales being made using PayPal both for mobile and desktop as it allows for a quick and trusted checkout. There is an ever increasing list of payment methods specifically designed to improve mobile checkouts. There are two of these methods that you should be considering using in the future. Apple Pay is already highly rated and allows for swift checkouts on iPhones through the customer’s thumbprint. The second is Shopify Pay which is due to be released later this year. Find out more on Shopify Pay in this article: Accelerate Checkout With Shopify Pay
  • Shopify’s mobile app – If you are out and about quite a bit and find it difficult to keep track of your store/orders, this may be for you. Shopify mobile is a way to run your business from anywhere. Once the app is installed and set up you’ll be able to manage your orders, keep track of your store and even create new products straight from your phone. Visit Shopify mobile to find out more.