LinedUp - Apple Pay - Shopify

When shoppers find something they love online, nothing takes the wind out of their sails like filling in a ton of fields at checkout.

And then there’s that scenario when you’ve accidentally missed one form field and the whole checkout form gets returned to you empty with a  belligerent error message at the top of the page. It is so very obvious why so many potential sales are lost at this point – we all loathe checkout experiences with repetitive, unnecessary tasks. Fortunately ,with Shopify this is avoidable on many levels and one of the newest features to help elevate this issue is the addition of Apple Pay as a payment option.

With Shopify it is now super easy to allow your mobile customers to buy using Apple Pay. It comes as a standard feature when using the Shopify Payments gateway and is switched on through one simple  checkbox in the admin panel.

Apple Pay is far simpler than most people realise. All it involves is a one-time set up on any Apple device with Touch ID (fingerprint recognition). The owner of the device simply adds the details of debit/credit cards to their phone, which are then activated when the phone is presented to the payment terminal and confirmed via Touch ID. That’s it. No new bank accounts are needed, no lengthy account forms to be filled in – it really is that simple to setup and use.

Then the real beauty comes when a Shopify website is configured to accept Apple Pay. The customer is presented with a one-click Apple Pay option at the basket or checkout page, one click later (with no forms to fill in), the order is paid for and confirmed. Oh so simple!

Apple Pay comes free with Shopify Payments, so we would recommend taking advantage of it.